Hiiii! I’m Angela, Jersey born, Virginia raised. I definitely say y’all instead of yous guys though, and I’m glad to have grown up the oldest of 4, on a farm, with my kickass great grandmother next door. She was a business owner, nonprofit organizer, and served as an amazing mentor and role model to me as I grew older. She instilled the virtues of compassion, helping others, and being a strong woman in me, and I am so thankful to her.

I also am an ally to the LGTBQ+ communities, having family members and friends that inhabit those communities, and want to help serve more people who are brave enough to state, emphatically, this is me.

Having been raised Catholic, I paid more attention to the beautiful detail of the stained glass windows than to the homily, so maybe that’s where my obsession with glass art started. I think we are all like stained glass, in a way. Glass is formed by melting silicon dioxide (sand), which then melds together and hardens into glass. It can happen in a flash of lightning, or deliberately, as in being fired and blown. Glass can vary in its opacity, its smoothness, its strength, and its color. It can be brittle due to various stressors it’s been through, or can be jagged due to intense pressure causing cracks to show. While therapy isn’t going to “cure”, it can help smooth those edges, and help create something truly beautiful.

If you’ve never made stained glass art, you may not know that you don’t actually “stain” the glass. You pick the pattern you’d like to make, pick your colored glass, and begin templating your work. You then start to “cut” your glass, which is really scoring it and breaking off various pieces to create your shapes. After your rough cuts comes the grinding process. Yes, you may need bandages, but that is where those ragged edges become smoother, to be able to accept the other pieces for your work. Therapy helps to smooth the edges so that you can begin to match up to the other people and relationships you want for yourself. Plus, I’m pretty obsessed with color, so I appreciate being able to get to know the various spectrum of people I work with. I was destined for rainbows, and when light is allowed to show through glass, as in people, we are able to see the full spectrum of our possibilities!

If you’d like to work on finding your inner light, schedule your consultation!