With the increase in visibility across media and in the news, many trans and nonbinary individuals are seeking to make changes to help affirm themselves. These changes can be subtle, or can dramatically change their appearance or legal status (name, gender marker), but the most important is how these changes make them feel. I am so privileged to have worked with dozens of folks wanting to become and be seen as themselves, and help them to work through the myriad feelings associated with gender identity and difficulties with acceptance. I offer services geared towards self-acceptance, referral for appropriate GAMI, and resources to other providers and organizations for social support, including for parents/families of trans/NB youth and partners struggling with their own transition.

I have worked with trans and NB clients for over 11 years, and while I comply with WPATH standards when required by surgeons, I practice informed consent, and recommend informed consent providers, as appropriate. There don’t need to be more hurdles when you are trying to live your life, and I want to remove as many as I can to make things easier and more exciting.

I also run a twice-monthly adult support group for trans and nonbinary folks called transCEND, which stands for Counseling, Empowerment, Nurturance, and Determination. Insurance is accepted for this group, and meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 6pm-7:30pm. This group is meeting virtually at this time, and can accommodate more people than in person. If you are interested in joining, contact me!