Individual Counseling – Perfect for that one-on-one connection with your counselor, to do the “deep dive” into your current struggles, incorporating your own authentic history, or just help finding quick solutions to everyday issues that are causing disruptions to your life. This is a collaborative process, and one that can be immensely meaningful to you now and in the future.

Group Counseling – Helpful in finding your tribe, or at least people who’ve been through similar stuff or are wanting to achieve similar things. Currently, Angela runs group counseling for trans and NB adults who are working through self-doubt, fear, internalized transphobia, and developing their inner strength to show their fierce selves to the world! For more info, click here.

Referral for GAMI (Gender Affirming Medical Interventions) – Long phrase with lasting impacts. GAMI are varied and complex, and having a clinician who has a track record of referring to vetted and affirming, knowledgeable, and experienced providers is essential. I work with tweens, teens and adults who are seeking affirming hormone blockers or cross-sex hormone treatment and surgical interventions, as well as providing support to those changing legal gender and name status. To find out more about how I support folks on their path, go here.